Common Peer Pressure Myths And Misconceptions
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The media is expert at recognizing people’s desire to fit in, and exploiting that desire for financial gain. While it’s difficult to resist peer pressure, a key step is recognizing what types of peer pressure are being used. Many people successfully resist peer pressure, strengthening their sense of self and their ability to thrive in a variety of social settings. They may keep their friendships intact, or find a new group of like-minded friends.

Peer pressure, maintaining appearances and emotional wellbeing – Tribune Online

Peer pressure, maintaining appearances and emotional wellbeing.

Posted: Wed, 19 Oct 2022 23:20:44 GMT [source]

Research has drawn attention to the significant role of peers in influencing prosocial behaviors. Many of the signs of peer pressure can also be signs of other things, like bullying or mental health concerns.

Peer pressure can affect your child’s behavior in positive and negative ways

While some friends will encourage you to make positive choices, others will try to pressure you to make negative and even how to deal with peer pressure destructive choices. In most cases, choosing friends that make the right choices themselves will help you to do the same.

You can say anything you want without fear of judgement.Sometimes, a therapist just isn’t a good match. If you don’t feel comfortable around them or aren’t making progress, don’t be afraid to try a new therapist. Nonprofit organization dedicated to providing free, evidence-based mental health and wellness resources.


Certain factors, both inherent and environmental, can make some teens more prone to succumb to peer pressure, however. As with dealing with peer pressure scenarios, role playing can be helpful in building up self-confidence and interpersonal skills in social situations.

  • Avoid places where people do illegal activities or other things you feel uncomfortable around.
  • From sports to social media, they’re under constant pressure to do what their friends are doing.
  • Start by asking questions (“Have you ever been offered a cigarette?” “Has a friend ever pressured you to do something you didn’t want to do?”).
  • Here are six other ways to help your child resist peer pressure and stay on the right path.
  • Sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself is to exit the situation entirely.
  • Whether it is indirect or direct peer pressure, it plays upon the individual’s desire to be accepted by a larger group.

Applying positive pressure, such as encouraging your student to study more or take a tougher class, can result in them actually doing it. Is this something you’d feel comfortable discussing with friends and family? If you instinctively want to hide your action or behavior, it’s a negative. Peer pressure may come from other people too, such as parents or teachers. Although they are not technically a student’s peers, they may reinforce the attitudes that result in the pressure.

Ways to Handle Peer Pressure

Remind your teens that they are their own people making their own choices. It is up to us as parents, to establish the boundaries that will keep them safe and to guide them towards healthy values they will choose to follow.

dealing with peer pressure

The reality is everybody experiences negative peer pressure. Instead of making snap decisions, you can think through options without giving in to peer pressure. Pay attention to the substances that kids this age are using, the way they dress, and how they’re using the latest cell phones, social media, and other technologies. The more you know, the better you can protect your kids and help them learn to make good decisions. Rather than offer support, some peers create a sense of guilt or even shame.

What Peer Pressure Is

If you are a parent or professional interested in a tour of New Haven, just ask! Our admissions department will schedule a campus tour where you can meet our staff and students, and see one or all of our campuses. Dr. Philip J. Lanzisera is a psychologist who specializes in treating patients with anxiety and depression, trauma-related disorders and pain-related disorders. He sees patients at Henry Ford locations in Detroit, Dearborn, Troy and Novi. Saying “no” can be hard, but it’s necessary to set healthy boundaries in relationships. If someone persistently pressures you to do something, you can try telling them how it affects you.

What starts out as positive peer pressure may become negative pressure if it leads a person to over-identify with sports, for example, putting exercise and competition above all else. Remember that Kelly is afraid of ridicule and losing her friends if she doesn’t skip school. This type of pressure makes her feel guilty about her decision and can lead to confrontation with her peers. What this means is talking to your teenager like they are an adult.

Are You Pressuring Your Child?

Parents can so easily place their own expectations upon a teen who is in the process of discovering what they want to do with their life. Parents might expect their child to go to law school when in fact he or she might want to become an artist.

  • If teens know how to speak clearly, assertively, and firmly, they might find their peers responding appropriately to their “No’s”.
  • It may also be a threat, such as, “You can’t hang out with us if you’re not going to drink.”
  • When you do undertake it, utilize active conversation, demonstration of useful avoidance and coping methods, and encouragement of self-worth.
  • It’s common for teenagers to feel uncomfortable in their own skin.
  • You should create a home environment that is free from drugs and alcohol.
  • On a smaller scale, cultural peer pressure can occur as well.
Published: October 20, 2022
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